Chapter 9 – Magic Money: Wealth without Wisdom, Sacrifice or Work

Chapter 9 – Magic Money: Wealth without Wisdom, Sacrifice or Work

By David Kullberg

True money has integrity. It’s an object of real, tangible wealth that can be used as an honest medium of exchange. Therefore, true money can only be created by natural resources, productive labor, and creative enterprise. It cannot be imagined into existence by wishful thinking or human legislation. It is real, grounded in the reality of the Creator/creation distinction.

The antithesis of true money is “magic money” commonly called fiat currency.

The original intent of paper currency notes issued by banks and governments was for the convenience of financial transactions. These notes were generally claims against real wealth stored by the issuer of the currency. Few proponents of paper currency were presumptuous enough to claim that these notes were real wealth any more than insisting that a picture possesses the reality of the object photographed.

But there is larceny in the human heart, and in the pursuit of political and financial power, the notes were eventually stripped of any legitimate connection to real wealth. Once the tie to reality was severed, alchemists posing as economists and political leaders dreamed up countless reasons for counterfeiting vast sums of fiat currency of imaginary value. Pretenses of good intentions and ivory-tower theories are offered as justification, temporarily disguising the corruption until the cancer of inflation takes root, exposing the fraud.

Inflation is a disease that grows in the fertile soil of human arrogance. Our financial leaders act as though they have acquired some “secret knowledge” and can ordain wealth into existence. They flood the country with new fiat currency, (an unfathomable 36% increase in the money supply from March, 2020 to November, 2021), and congratulate themselves for “saving” the nation’s economy. They suppress interest rates to stimulate borrowing, advocating debt as the pathway to prosperity. They equate consumption with economic growth, insisting that spending fiat currency produces wealth. They run massive fiscal deficits, with America buying back its own debt, while reassuring the public that it’s not problematic because we’re only borrowing from ourselves.

These pretentious alchemists want us to believe they have broken the code and unlocked the secrets of universal prosperity. They proclaim by their actions that humanity has triumphed over the curse of Eden. Scarcity has been overcome. God may have intended for man to overcome a world of shortages by means of God’s blessing and the diligent application of wisdom, sacrifice and work, but the financial elites have chosen their own “better way” – prosperity by decree (particularly for their inner circle).

The elites dismiss true money as a relic from before the dawn of their economic awakening. The work to create true money is unnecessary when one can conjure up magic money with a printing press or the stroke of a computer keyboard.

But they must know that magic money is not real, and their great financial deception will eventually fail. Even now, the surfacing of inflation threatens to expose their fraudulent system.

So what’s the purpose of their game? The answer is probably the same as it has always been – the pursuit of wealth and power. The elites in control have successfully used magic money to accumulate more wealth and power at the expense of those who don’t have access to the same advantages. But with growing inflation, the economy is beginning to unravel and people are asking why.

Those presently in control of our nation’s financial apparatus appear intent on using magic money to make their access to wealth and power permanent. They must cement their position or risk losing the advantage. It’s a race to the finish. If they win, we lose our republic and freedoms. If they lose, the game goes on until the public refuses to continue tolerating the fraud.


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