Loving Your Neighbor through Enterprise, Work & a Sound Economy

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart… It is the Lord Christ you are serving.  Col. 23-24

Christians for a Sustainable Economy is a coalition of followers of Jesus Christ who are concerned for the economic and cultural flourishing of America.

 We call on political leaders and citizens of every persuasion to:

* Recognize the moral imperative to care for the poor effectively, through programs that elevate them out of dependency on government and into vocations that fulfill their gifts and callings.

* Be wise and compassionate stewards of our God-given resources for the present generation and generations to come.

* Promote a free and thriving economy in a culture committed to creativity, industry, thrift, family and life.

We are concerned Christians devoting our time and resources to the cause of loving our neighbor by building a strong economy and culture.  We are not funded by political organizations or any group that advocates for increased welfare dependency, socialism or open borders to the detriment of American workers.